Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fr. Mike Gilgannon, a priest with the Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese who served alongside many Maryknoll missioners in the Andean region, reflects on the roles suffering and death play in our lives.

Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Chloe Noel, Faith Economy Ecology Project Coordinator at MOGC, reflects on how the experiences of the past year have reminded us of our interconnectedness and our mission to stand with the marginalized and oppressed.

Feast of the Assumption

Fr. Lam Hua, MM, on mission in Tanzania, considers how the Feast of the Assumption celebrates the amazing gift of creation. 

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mary Moritz, a Maryknoll Affiliate from Northeast Florida, reflects on God's care for us and on our call to give physical and spiritual nourishment to our neighbors in turn.

Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Maryknoll Fr. Thomas J. Marti, who was on mission in the Philippines for many years, reflects on the work for peace and justice as integral to our call to love another.