Corporations in the U.S.: A special series

In 2009, NewsNotes, our bimonthly publication, printed a series of six articles written by Dave Kane about the history and role of corporations in the U.S. The entire series, plus an addendum with additional information, is available in the PDF below.

Birth of John the Baptist

Sr. Roni Schweyen writes this week's reflection, drawing on her years of mission work in Tanzania.

Pentecost Sunday

This week's reflection is written by Sr. Euphrasia Nyaki, who lives and works in João Pessoa, Brazil.

May-June 2012 NewsNotes

This issue includes a brief report from Cuba, an update on South Sudan, and a piece about "exporting obesity."

March-April 2012 NewsNotes

This issue of NewsNotes includes an update on the Pacific Rim case against El Salvador; the TIPNIS controversy in Bolivia; the historic move in Guatemala to try former dictator Rios Montt for human rights abuses; a report about the "financialization of nature"; and much more.

January-February 2012 NewsNotes

Celebrating 100 years of Maryknoll sisters ... plus an update on the students' protest in Chile, post-referendum news from Sudan-South Sudan, news about the June 2012 Earth Summit, and principles for public-private partnerships for food security.