Feast of All Saints

Thursday, Nov. 1 is the feast of All Saints; Sr. Ann Hayden writes the reflection for that day's readings.

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This Sunday's reflection is written by Fr. Jim Kroeger, who has served as a missioner in Asia for many years.

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dave Kane, who recently left the Maryknoll lay missioners after many years (mostly in Brazil, followed by a stint at the Global Concerns office), wrote today's reflection.

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week's reflection is written by Maryknoll Fr. Joe Veneroso: "Our life of prayers and good works comes in response to grace, not as its pre-requisite."

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fr. Joe Towle writes this week's reflection, and shares some memories from his time as a missioner in Latin America.

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fr. Jack Northrup reflects on his ministry in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico: "The God of our Lord Jesus Christ is constantly drawing all of us to life, no matter what bleak prisons we may have made for ourselves. Because of God’s choice to constantly offer the free gift of grace to the most needy, we can wake from our sleep, from the illusions of happiness that this world offers. At this very moment we can choose life in its fullness."

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Susan Weissert, who worked as a lay missioner for many years in South America and at the Maryknoll center in New York, asks: Can we look back on our actions/words/decisions today and see that they were shaped by love of God and love of neighbor?