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Amazon Synod 2019: Resources

Find resources on the Synod of Bishops on the Amazon, which will occur in Rome October 6-27. Included here are links to our series of bulletins on the synod, entitled One Amazon, Many Voices.

In recent weeks, the world has watched with shock and sadness the images of the Amazon forest burning in Brazil and Bolivia. These fires are devastating to the indigenous people who live in the forest, to the diverse animal and plant life within the forest, and to the vast Amazonian ecosystem which helps regulate our planet’s climate. In addition, the carbon dioxide released by the fires contributes to the growing climate emergency.

That is why it is especially urgent and prescient that Pope Francis has called for a Synod of Bishops for the Amazon, which will occur October 6-27 in Rome. Announced two years ago, this synod will address some of the driving forces of the fires in addition to other topics of great importance to the Amazonian peoples, ecosystem, and the Church. 

Resources for Preparation

The Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns has developed One Amazon, Many Voices. It is a series of 2-page education, prayer, and action guides to help people of faith understand the issues that will be discussed at the Synod – from indigenous knowledge to destructive mining projects. We also feature voices of Maryknoll missioners and reflection questions associated with the themes. Each bulletin examines a different topic to be discussed at the Synod and its connections to the lived experiences of Maryknoll Missioners. It is our hope that the bulletins will be a useful tool for learning, reflection, and action by readers.

Download the first issue: Indigenous Wisdom

Download the second issue: Biodiversity

Download the third issue: Extractive Industries

And just what is a Synod anyway? Why the focus on the Amazon? Download this one-page backgrounder developed by the Religious Working Group on Extractive Industries (of which MOGC is a member organization). 

In addition, check out articles by Brazil-based Maryknoll Lay Missioners:

Claire Stewart writes about her first-hand experience with the fires from São Paolo. Read the article

Flavio Jose Rocha writes about water and the importance of the Amazon Forest as a source of this precious gift. Read the article

Watch these videos from Catholic News Service on issues affecting the Amazon as reported by Barbara Fraser, a former Maryknoll Lay Missioner.

We will continue to follow the threats and hopes for the Amazon, including by providing you with more education, prayer and action materials leading up to and following the Synod. Together we can protect the lungs of the planet – our common home.