24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fr. Joe Towle writes this week's reflection, and shares some memories from his time as a missioner in Latin America.

Jerusalem dome

Middle East Notes September 6, 2012

With summer drawing to a close the Middle East Notes will again be available weekly. This week’s Notes make the summer CMEP Bulletins available to our readers, and gives priority to settlement expansion, apartheid labeling, destabilization of Jerusalem and the “not guilty” verdict in the death of Rachel Corrie.

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Fr. Jack Northrup reflects on his ministry in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico: "The God of our Lord Jesus Christ is constantly drawing all of us to life, no matter what bleak prisons we may have made for ourselves. Because of God’s choice to constantly offer the free gift of grace to the most needy, we can wake from our sleep, from the illusions of happiness that this world offers. At this very moment we can choose life in its fullness."

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Susan Weissert, who worked as a lay missioner for many years in South America and at the Maryknoll center in New York, asks: Can we look back on our actions/words/decisions today and see that they were shaped by love of God and love of neighbor?

Jerusalem dome

Middle East Notes August 14, 2012

This week’s Middle East Notes includes several pieces on the implications of and responses to the recently released Levy Report, and on developments in the Occupied Territories that portray the present Government of Israel utilizing a failed peace process to extend control over the Occupied Territories.

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Former lay missioner Jean Walsh shares a reflection on her time in Oaxaca, Mexico, and how the lessons from the Oaxacan farmers' commitment to the Earth can lead us to more sustainable, integrated lives.

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sr. Luise Ahrens, who has spent many years in Cambodia, writes in this week's reflections about the challenges of living in a interconnected world ... How do we make choices that are clarified by God's wisdom? How can we live a life formed and informed by the Spirit of Jesus?

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

In this week's reflection, Fr. Tom Marti recalls his service in the Philippines, and that beautiful nation's efforts to reverse the devastating ecological destruction it has experienced in recent decades.

Ecological economics: A special series

As humanity faces the reality of exhausting a number of key natural resources, we realize that our economy, which is fundamentally built on the concept of never-ending exponential growth, must drastically change if we are going to live within the confines of a finite planet, Earth. This series of six articles, written by Dave Kane, looks at ecological economics and the idea of a steady state economy that will provide livelihoods while fitting within the footprint of Earth. The series was published in NewsNotes in 2009 and was updated in 2012.

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The scripture reflection for July 22 is written by Sr. Rebecca Macugay, who writes of her native Philippines and her mission home in Namibia: "How do we shepherd each other in the paths of justice, in our communities and in our home, planet earth?"