Haiti update

The following update is provided by Maryknoll Affiliate Renate Schneider who coordinates Haitian Connection, a non-profit that focuses on health and education needs in Haiti.

Venezuela: Can "Bolivarian Revolution" continue?

The death of President Hugo Chavez on March 5 led many to question whether the "Bolivarian Revolution" of significant social and economic changes could continue without Chavez’s larger-than-life presence.

Guatemala: Genocide trial continues

During the recent trial of former president Efrain Rios Montt and former chief of military intelligence Mauricio Rodriguez Sanchez, observers felt as if they were on a rollercoaster ride as the trial took many twists and turns.

UN: Promoting people’s empowerment

The following report onthe February 2013 meeting of the UN Commission on Social Development was written by Sr. Elizabeth (Claris) Zwareva, MM, who represents Maryknoll at the UN.