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World AIDS Day 24 hour prayer vigil

World AIDS DayMaryknoll missioners have worked in ministries focused on persons living with HIV and AIDS since the early 1980s, before the extent of the pandemic would be known, long before the loss of millions of lives from AIDS.

In the ensuing years, Maryknollers have accompanied people dying of AIDS, worked with children orphaned by AIDS, supported women and girl children who are at risk of violence or sexual abuse, and witnessed the direct impact of debt, trade issues and poverty on societies being decimated by AIDS.

World AIDS Day is December 1 -- Join the 24-hour vigil to pray for those living with HIV and AIDS and for those whose lives were cut short due to HIV or AIDS; the vigil will begin at 12 AM Eastern Standard Time (U.S.) on December 1.

Prayer Vigil Schedule

Name City Country Comment
Susan Nagele Urbana Illinois USA For an end to stigma which may kill more people than HIV
Name City Country Comment
Susan Gunn Lanham United States I pray for all those impacted by HIV and AIDS and I especially remember my friend Tony on this day.
Name City Country Comment
Mary Rooney Quezon City Philippines
Nina Underwood Somerville USA My sincere and heartfelt prayer support for all those impacted by HIV & Aids All those who work to put an end to it. I remember my sisters who work in Africa who do Aids Education and Health care.
Nina Underwood Somerville, MA. USA My prayer support to end the HIV/AIDS impact in our world.
Name City Country Comment
Miriam Kavanagh Covington USA For the forgotten children affected by HIV/AIDS
Anonymous Weliveriya, Sri Lanka I will pray for all the medical researchers for finding successful cure and for the officers who works on awareness programs.
Name City Country Comment
Joseph Healey Nairobi Kenya Our African Stories Database ( has four stories about HIV/AIDS experiences and challenges in Africa.
Sister Clare Ann Litteken C.PP.S. St.Louis USA May God continue to bless all those who are caring for, learning from and loving those impacted by HIV/AIDS. The Lord has made us all in Their image.
Name City Country Comment
Karen Anderson Buffalo USA
Anonymous Mahopac
Maureen Hanahoe Maryknoll United States
Sr. Martha McNulty St. Catharine, KY USA
Mary Ellen OBoyle New York, NY 10011 United States A good way to begin Advent. Thank you.
Mary Jo Williams Saint Louis
Robert Wynne Seattle
Name City Country Comment
joan lickteig dubuque US
Ted Miles Tomkins Cove, NY United States I borrow a prayer from the Catholic Health Association: God of Promise, we are mindful of our sisters and brothers suffering with HIV and AIDS. We ask your healing presence on millions of people living with the disease today; particularly the children who are infected or who have been orphaned by the disease. Make of us a safe haven for those who are abandoned, discriminated against and rejected on account of their illness. Inspire us to speak out for a just distribution of health care and medical aid in this country and for generosity in sharing our resources with those struggling under the weight of this epidemic overseas.
Name City Country Comment
Antoinette Betz Bryn Mawr, PA United States I pray for all those still suffering from AIDS, for their families, and for those who care for them. I pray also for those who have died from the disease.
Margaret Doherty Bryn Mawr United States
Val Keller Everett United States For over 35 years all those affected by AIDS have been in my prayers.
Veronica Schweyen University PA United States
Name City Country Comment
Anna Engelmann Milwaukee USA
Adel O'Regan Bronx United States In memory of all of those persons in my life with HIV/AIDS. In gratitude for your courage and love.
Adel O'Regan Bronx United States Remembering all of those living with HIV/AIDS. In thanksgiving for their lives and their courage. With a grateful heart.
Name City Country Comment
Oblate Community Lebh Shomea House of Prayer Sarita, Texas United States Lebh Shomea House of Prayer; a contemplative centre in South Texas will be One in heart and hand with those living with HIV/AIDS throughout the world.
Kathy Mccarthy Harper woods USA
Kathleen Schneider Sparta, MI United States
Name City Country Comment
Anonymous San Ysidro United States of America None
Name City Country Comment
Patricia Oetting Barefoot Aay Florida U>S>A I worked as an Emergency Room nurse with so very many AIDS patients from 1985 on. I even worked on an AIDS unit in 1993. I have also worked in Haiti with them . so, it is a cause dear to my heart. I am honored to pray with you all.
Name City Country Comment
Dennis R. Dowell, O.F.S. Fort Madison United States For all those with HIV/ AIDS, especially the innocent children, I offer my Mid-day prayers.
Theresa Hebron Saint Louis USA
Name City Country Comment
Bertha Haas Cornelius,OR US
Theresa Kastner Maryknoll United States
Cathy Rowan Bronx United States
Name City Country Comment
Anny Fung Collantes Olathe US
Michael Garr Lansing United States
Name City Country Comment
Ezra Meadors Chicago, IL USA I pray for all of us living with HIV/AIDS and for those who have died from HIV/AIDS especially Vincent C., Robert T. and Patricia M. I also pray for all who have ministered to those of us with HIV/AIDS especially the late Sister Marilyn Therese Lipps, SP and Sister Ann Michele Kiefer, SP of the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana. I'm blessed to be an Associate of this congregation.
Name City Country Comment
Anonymous Ossining USA
Name City Country Comment
Amila Perera Kandy Srilanka Thank-you for open our eyes at the beginning of Advent2018. May the divine guide all of us on this day to journey with our brothers and sisters who are in need.
Name City Country Comment
Neidy Betancourt California USA I pray for those suffering from AIDS/HIV for their families that suffer with them. I am also asking God to put the understanding on people's mind about this sickness and instead of judging them to join us in prayer and understanding and to give love to them. I asked this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Name City Country Comment
Anonymous Croton-on-Hudson USA