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World AIDS Day 24 hour prayer vigil

World AIDS DayMaryknoll missioners have worked in ministries focused on persons living with HIV and AIDS since the early 1980s, before the extent of the pandemic would be known, long before the loss of millions of lives from AIDS.

In the ensuing years, Maryknollers have accompanied people dying of AIDS, worked with children orphaned by AIDS, supported women and girl children who are at risk of violence or sexual abuse, and witnessed the direct impact of debt, trade issues and poverty on societies being decimated by AIDS.

World AIDS Day is December 1 -- Join the 24-hour vigil to pray for those living with HIV and AIDS and for those whose lives were cut short due to HIV or AIDS; the vigil will begin at 12 AM Eastern Standard Time (U.S.) on December 1.

Prayer Vigil Schedule

Name City Country Comment
Irene King Montclair USA
Liz Mach Musoma Tanzania Praying for all those who have been touched by this virus-patients, caregivers, families, friends.
Name City Country Comment
Anny Fung Collantes Kansas USA
Name City Country Comment
Leona Henley monterey U.S.A.
Name City Country Comment
Jean Fallon Ossining United States Remembering the orphans and families who lost their parents and bread earners - and all those who reached out to help.
Name City Country Comment
Mary Kilbride Temple Hills USA
Gerry Lee Mount Rainier United States remembering Peter, and in gratitude for prophets, pastors and caregivers in South Africa such as Bishop Kevin Dowling, whose fierce compassion brings hope to those living under the scourge of AIDS on the margins of society there.
Anonymous St. Catharine USA
Mary Kevin Rooney Wichita USA
Name City Country Comment
Mary Hunt Silver Spring United States
Connie Krautkremer Maryknoll United States remembering so many friends in Tanzania especially Sofia
Helen Phillips Maryknoll United States I will be praying for all AIDS sufferers especially those in Peru and Bolivia
Ricarda Vincent SSJ Erie United States
Name City Country Comment
Sylvia Borgmeier Mankato USA
Sr. Loretta Finn Kankakee USA
Marie Morgan Maryknoll, NY USA
Mary shaw Springfield USA Thank you
Name City Country Comment
Mary Seton Agovino, RSM NY USA
Kay Coll Newark United States
Patricia Gallogly Yonkers United States I remember so many friends in Tanzania.
Debbie Northern Ossining, NY remembering all those from CONTRASIDA in El Salvador who are suffering or have suffered from HIV and AIDS
Constance Pospisil Maryknoll USA
Name City Country Comment
Jeanine Boucher-Colbert Portland United States Will be sharing my meditation with all caretakers and those who I’ve loved and cared for with HIV/AIDS and who struggle to find the care they need and deserve.
Agnes Brien Frankford United States
Joyce Ann Hertzig. OP Grand Rapids United States
Gina Redig Elm Grove, WI USA I remember a good neighbor who died from AIDS and pray this disease can be controlled. I also pray for people now struggling with it that they persevere in courage and hope.
Name City Country Comment
Cathy Rowan Bronx USA
Name City Country Comment
FRAN QUIGLEY INDIANAPOLIS United States Thank you to all the Maryknollers who serve and have served all of those affected by HIV and AIDS.
Robin Vestal Savage United States
Name City Country Comment
Norie Mojado Maryknoll USA
Ngoc Hà Pham Los Angeles USA I remember the first AIDS patient in SD whom i was assigned to when i was a student nurse in the mid-80's, when AIDS first came out. Anyone entering his hospital room had to protect themselves by dressing up like they were going to the moon. We went in quickly and left even faster mainly because of fear. The patient was practically left to die. He was at the end-stage, all bones like people at the Nazi concentration camp. What i remember most and will always remember was the communication in his eyes. Medical services have advanced tremendously in the States, but the situation and medical resources in the developing countries are not so far from when AIDS first came out in the States. United in prayers for people have died, are living with HIV and AIDS, and those who are caring for them. <
Name City Country Comment
Theresa Kastner Maryknkoll United States
Mary Ellen Kerrigan Maryknoll United States Prayers for all suffering because of HIV Infection -- especially my dear friends and their familiy members in Taiwan.
Dora Nuetzi Maryknoll United States
Name City Country Comment
Bertha Haas Cornelius USA
Patricia Ring Maryknoll USA I will remember those suffering and especially their families whose suffering I have seen so many times.
Patricia Ring Maryknoll USA I have seen first hand and in my marriage counseling the extreme suffering that Aids can cause in a family. I think it important that we always keep those suffering in our prayers.
Name City Country Comment
Maria Chin Maryknoll USA
Jean Maloney Seoul Korea
Joan Mumaw Silver Spring, MD USA For all those in Uganda and South Africa infected and affected by HIV and AIDS and the orphans left behind.
patricia oetting barefoot bay U. S. A. As an R.N. I took care of SO MANY PATIENTS WITH AIDS way back when it all started. In one place we had to call the unit IMMUNO SUPPRESED UNIT.. so people would not be terrified of an illness that was most mysterious at the beginning.. ...was it even in saliva? etc... and some people were nervous being around me, the caregiver, wondering if they would catch it. SO MUCH FEAR..... I was so grateful when the newer drugs were discovered so that patients could live with a chronic illness rather than die so soon. Of course that is NOT true in many foreign lands were the meds are not readily available to the poor. I even had the pleasure of writing to Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross who made her home a place for children with AIDS. I treasure her words and her work. I look forward to being united in prayer.
Name City Country Comment
Sr. Miriam Rau Wichita U.S.
Anonymous Huber Heights US
Name City Country Comment
Maria Colabella Croton on Hudson United States
Maureen Hanahoe Ossining United States
Val Keller Lynnwood United States of America
Name City Country Comment
Pat Cummins Martinez Middlesex USA
Betty Ann Maheu Maryknoll USA
Name City Country Comment
Jan Wilson Asheville USA
Name City Country Comment
Mary Lou Herlihy Hendersonville USA
Name City Country Comment
Elizabeth Knoerl Naples, FL United States
Name City Country Comment
Irene King Montclair USA
Sister Clare Ann Litteken C.PP.S. St. Louis USA
Chloe Schwabe Washington I will remember my monther's dear friends from Theater, including my godfather. I will also pray for people around the world who are suffering from HIV/AIDS.