World AIDS DayMaryknoll missioners have worked in ministries focused on persons living with HIV and AIDS since the early 1980s, before the extent of the pandemic would be known, long before the loss of millions of lives from AIDS.

In the ensuing years, Maryknollers have accompanied people dying of AIDS, worked with children orphaned by AIDS, supported women and girl children who are at risk of violence or sexual abuse, and witnessed the direct impact of debt, trade issues and poverty on societies being decimated by AIDS.

World AIDS Day is December 1 -- Join the 24-hour vigil to pray for those living with HIV and AIDS and for those whose lives were cut short due to HIV or AIDS; the vigil will begin at 12 AM Eastern Standard Time (U.S.) on December 1.

Prayer Vigil Schedule

Name City Country Comment
Susan Gunn Washington, DC USA I pray for the repose of the soul of my friend Tony, and for all who have died from this illness. I also pray for all who feel alone and scared by this illness, may we provide the love and support that is desperately needed.
kate villaire Grand Rapids US
Name City Country Comment
Susan Nagele Urbana United States I pray for Daisy and her brother Geoffrey who were infected in utero but have received pediatric HIV treatment. May they live a full and healthy life.
Name City Country Comment
Anonymous Philadelphia United States I pray for universal and rapid access to treatment for physical relief for those living with AIDS, and for meaningful support and connection for emotional relief for them and for those who love them.
Name City Country Comment
Sister Marilyn Baker Laurel United States I pray for all who are suffering with this terrible disease, especially during this time of a global pandemic. May those who care for them and those who are their advocates be blessed with strength and health to carry out their special ministries.
Mary OBoyle New York United States
Diane Smith LOS ANGELES United States I pray for all those who have succumbed to aids but in particular for John, a very loving and generous person. Prayers also for his family who loved him
Name City Country Comment
Susan Bodine HamptonBays Usa I pray for peace throughout the world.
Pat Colla West Hartford United States
Ron guidry Little Falls United States My prayer for them and for those sharing Gods love with them
Theresa Maly KANSAS CITY United States I particularly want to remember those who suffer and die alone.
Veronica Schweyen CROTON ON HUDSON United States I pray for the hundreds of AIDS patients who died in our ministry - in Nyakato, Tanzania. They all left family members, and I will pray that those people have been able to survive. The country is still dealing with many cases. I shall pray for doctors and nurses who care for these patients.
Name City Country Comment
Lynn Corwin NYC USA We lost three family members to AIDS. We pray for them and all who have suffered with this virus and for those who continue to need support in their HIV status
TEODORA LA MADRID TORONTO Canada I will offer my Mass on this day, Tuesday, December 1st for the faithful departed who died of AIDS. Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, And Let perpetual light shine upon them. May they all rest in peace. Amen. Teodora S. La Madrid, ofs SFO-St. Felix of Cantalice Fraternity, Canada
ellen nash jersey city USA I pray for my brother John
Theresa Sarich Alton United States The name of god is Mercy. ( Pope Francis)
Kathleen Wood Leavenworth , KS USA I will pray for all those struggling with illness and fear.
Name City Country Comment
Joyce Ann Hertzig Grand Rapids United States I pray for all who have died AIDS and especially for the people in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and the children affected by AIDS at Casa Aurora where our Dominican Sisters have served.
Name City Country Comment
LOLA CUADRADO NEW ORLEANS U.S.A. I have lost so many wonderful friends because of AIDS. 3 of these friends I was best friends with. How I wish I could hear their voices again. I miss them so much. I will be part of this vigil for them. My life would be so much better if they were here with me.
Val Keller Everett United States Remembering those who have passed and their family and friends, caregivers and those who are living with aids, especially those who are alone and afraid.
Name City Country Comment
Chris Cahalan Kenner USA I will be praying in memory of all those who have died of AIDS in New Orleans and for all those living with HIV AIDS in Greater New Orleans. I will be giving thanks for all the staff and supporters of Project Lazarus
Name City Country Comment
Mary Lee Cox, OSF Dubuque US 1:00 pm For all the victims of AIDS that I worked with in St. Lucia.
Sister Rita Lynch, MHSH North East I pray for all those who were isolated and left to die alone because of so little understanding of this illness years ago. I pray for their families who wanted to be with them, but were not allowed. I also give thanks for my nephew, Scott, who has survived and thrived...
mary ann mcdonough Otisville United States
Brian McLauchlin Dubuque United States I pray for all those who lost their lives to this tragic disease.
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Women's Alliance for Theology Ethics and (WATER) Silver Spring United States We will have about 45 people gathered for prayer and conversation in the monthly WATERtea program at 2 PM ET. We will begin our hour with a time of silent reflection, remembering those we have lost, those who care and cure. Thank you. Mary E. Hunt
Kathleen Birch Hyattsville, Maryland USA I pray for Juancito, Gabriel, and all the children I met in Bolivia who were HIV positive.
Name City Country Comment
Joneen Keuler Tucson United States I pray for all who advocate for, care for and accompany those who have HIV & AIDS.
Name City Country Comment
Patricia Oetting Barefoot Bay United States As an Emergency room nurse for 17years, I was working with patients when Aids first started. I remember oh so many wonderful people. Later in the early 90's I worked on a whole unit that we called the Immunosupressed unit so people would not be afraid of that mysterious illness. I loved taking care of them and many times I could not even let people know what area I worked on because they were afraid of me. It was so , so sad. In more recent years I had helped in the care of AIDS pts. in Haiti. It is definitely a killer for the poor there who cannot get the proper meds. So I shall be united with all of Maryknoll as we pray for all the pts. and caregivers. I remember also being in touch with Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross who wanted to have AIDS babies on her homesite and had to fight with the officials. It was an honor to be in contact with such a caring and wonderful doctor. I have been blessed working with great doctors and wonderful patients who were so very thankful for the loving care we gave. Ah, YES, I have been blessed indeed.
Cathy Rowan Bronx For my niece, who works in a residence for people with HIV/AIDs, and for all whom she serves.
Name City Country Comment
Gwen Dulley Portland
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Anonymous Cleveland United States For all who have died from this illness and for all who are infected...especially the many no one knows about. May they be surrounded in love and light and protection.