We will be co-sponsoring two side events at COP, one is in the official UNFCCC space and the other in the Faith Pavilion. Faith Pavilion events will be live streamed on the Faith Pavilion YouTube page.

Equity and Justice in the Loss and Damage Fund: What COP28 needs to deliver?

December 5, 15:00 - 16:30, SE Room 7
Co-sponsors: Christian Aid (CA), ActionAid International Foundation, CIDSE, Maryknoll Sisters of Saint Dominic Inc., Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF)

The new Loss and Damage Fund was a major achievement at COP27. COP28 must fully operationalize it, ensuring that the fund delivers finance at scale and speed addressing the needs of affected communities at the local level. Click here for event details.

Speakers: - Mariana Paoli, Christian Aid - Harjeet Singh, CAN International - Teresa Anderson, Action Aid - Representative from affected communities - Negotiator

Faith in Action for Climate Justice in Addressing Loss and Damage

December 9, 14:30-15:30, Faith Pavilion Blue Room
Co-sponsors: Church of Sweden, Christian Aid, CIDSE, KOO, Maryknoll Sisters of Saint Dominic Inc, SCIAF

This event will focus on the important role of faith actors in driving climate action, hearing from faith representatives from global south countries experiencing the impact of loss and damage first-hand.

Speakers: - Chiara Martinelli, CAN Europe - Bishop Marika Markovits, Diocese of Linkoping, Sweeden, - Bishop Julio Murray, Archbiship of Central America - Maureen Goodman, Brahma Kumaris, UK - TBC Holy See Representative