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NewsNotes, published by email and online every other month, presents information, analysis and resources about situations in countries where Maryknollers work, and about global trends, U.S. policies and multilateral policies that impact these countries. Articles and reports in NewsNotes are concise and readable, and occasionally provide directions to help readers obtain more information about the articles presented.

NewsNotes is published electronically: Join our listserv (see the button at top of page) to receive it by email.

Since 1976, NewsNotes has provided educators, pastoral ministers, social justice coordinators, local justice activists and organizers, and anyone who wants to learn about events and situations not covered in the regular news media, with information about how U.S. government, military and corporate policies are impacting people around the globe.

March-April 2016 NewsNotes

The March-April 2016 issue of NewsNotes includes an article on a new Orbis book on Laudato Si', a statement on the assassination of an Honduran indigenous environmental activist, details of a major conference on climate change projects in the Philippines, updates on Central America, Africa, and Asia, and much more.

July-August 2015 NewsNotes

This issue of NewsNotes includes a statement from the Japanese bishops on the 70th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; a commitment to action from the members of Pax Christi International; and a timeline of the Capitol Hill debate over Fast Track; plus much more.

January-February 2015 NewsNotes

This issue of NewsNotes includes reports on the Palestinian Authority's efforts to move forward toward statehood, a Maryknoll lay missioner's work to end FGM in Tanzania, a South Sudanese intensive workshop on peace and reconciliation, a disturbing plan to "privatize" Honduran cities, and the latest on the World Bank's safeguards policies, plus much more.

September-October 2014 NewsNotes

This issue of NewsNotes includes an update on a campaign in Guatemala to stop a dam, an article from a Liberian analyst about the factors that led to the spread of Ebola in that country, and an explanation about the reasons why there are very few (if any) Nicaraguan children seeking protection at the U.S.-Mexico border.

September-October 2012 NewsNotes

The September-October 2012 issue of NewsNotes includes a report of a recent toxic spill at a mining town in Peru; a small shift in policy by the U.S. toward Honduras; a report on new concerns in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; a more expansive explanation of the necessity for a Financial Transaction Tax; and much more. Read the entire issue in PDF format (link at the bottom of page.)

March-April 2012 NewsNotes

This issue of NewsNotes includes an update on the Pacific Rim case against El Salvador; the TIPNIS controversy in Bolivia; the historic move in Guatemala to try former dictator Rios Montt for human rights abuses; a report about the "financialization of nature"; and much more.