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Tell Congress: No More Nuclear Weapons

Today, September 26, is International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.

Sixty countries have signed the nuclear ban treaty at the United Nations – a treaty that bans nuclear weapons for what they are: weapons of mass destruction. Maryknoll missioners are at the United Nations today to advocate for more countries to sign the treaty.

The United States has not signed the nuclear ban treaty. Now the Trump administration has proposed a new so-called “low yield” nuclear weapon. This weapon is unnecessary and would fuel a dangerous arms race and hasten nuclear war. We need Congress to speak out and stop the development and deployment of this unneeded weapon. 

Take action: Tell Congress the United States does not need “new” nuclear weapons. 

Ask your members of Congress to support the Hold the LYNE (Low-Yield Nuclear Explosive) Act, H.R. 6840, which prohibits funding for this unnecessary and unwise weapon. The bill has been endorsed by Arms Control Association, Global Zero, Union of Concerned Scientists, Ploughshares, Win Without War, and other nonproliferation advocates.

We need to be explicitly clear – the people of the United States don’t want nuclear weapons. Please write to your members of Congress and ask them to cosponsor the Hold the LYNE Act to show that they continue to stand against these unnecessary weapons. 

Take action now.

Thank you.