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Take action: Stop the deportations

President Obama can do more for immigrant families.

The deadlocked Supreme Court just ruled 4-4 on DAPA, blocking President Obama's immigration plan for "deferred action for parents of Americans" which would have deferred deportation and provided work permits for the millions of undocumented parents of children who are U.S. citizens. But this is not the end.

Take action now! Tell President Obama: If there is no DAPA, then there should be no deportations.

DAPA is similar to a previous program known as DACA that benefitted undocumented children, referred to as "dreamers." The DACA program is unaffected by this ruling by the Supreme Court.

This ruling means millions of parents in the United States will continue to live in the shadows of our economy and our communities. We are especially mindful of their children, living in fear that their undocumented parents will be taken from them. 

The DACA and DAPA programs are not President Obama’s only options for protecting migrant communities. As the leader of the executive branch, President Obama directs how and when raids, detentions, and deportations are deployed. President Obama can make sure that families and communities are kept together by declaring a moratorium on deportations immediately.

Send a letter to President Obama asking him to declare a moratorium on deportations.

Photo: More than 100 faith leaders, including members of the Maryknoll Office for Global Concern, participated in civil disobedience during the National Day to Fight for Families, August 28, 2014. Photo courtesy of Church World Service.