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Take 4 actions for peace in Israel/Palestine

Organizations in the Faith Forum on Middle East Policy send out action alerts monthly, focusing on different issues so that members of Congress hear consistently that their constituents support a just and lasting resolution to the Palestinian and Israeli conflict.

December 2015

Jesus, the light of the world, brought hope to a troubled world, and we are invited to embody that hope in the troubled world of today.

In Israel and Palestine, the escalation in tension and violence that started this fall continues. A UN report gives figures for October and November of 103 Palestinians and 17 Israelis killed.

In the midst of such a tense situation, the Palestinian Authority asked its West Bank municipalities to tone down public Christmas celebrations.  In Bethlehem, the biblical city of Jesus’ birth, plans have been scaled back. “’Every year, when we light the tree, usually there is a huge display of fireworks, but this year we will ring church bells instead,’ said [Mayor] Baboun. The bells, she added, will remind everyone ’that we exist despite all the catastrophes.’” 

Offer a message of hope for peace this Christmas by calling on Congress to support measures that will serve the cause of a just peace for all.   In addition to calling for a halt to the current violence, ask them to address the root causes, including the Israeli occupation, so that a lasting peace can be found.

Contact your elected officials today and urge them to:

  • Call for an immediate halt to violence by all parties
  • Call for an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land
  • Insist that military aid to Israel is used in ways consistent with human rights standards as outlined in US laws

Click here to send a message to your members of Congress.

Send a message of hope directly to Bethlehem

Let the people of Bethlehem know you’re advocating for a just peace by telling them about your message to Congress.  During Advent and Christmas 2015, Pax Christi International invites members and people of good will to write a message of hope and encouragement to friends in Bethlehem. Arab Educational Institute (AEI), a Pax Christi International member organization based in Palestine will distribute the messages to citizens of Bethlehem, members and friends. Send your emails to Messages will be posted on the AEI website.

Join in a joint simulcast worship service with Bethlehem

The ninth annual Bethlehem simulcast service will be held Saturday, December 19 at 10:00 AM Eastern Time (5:00 PM in Bethlehem).  Congregations will gather at the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., and at the Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem.  Prayers, readings, and hymns alternate between the two congregations in a joint celebration of the birth of the Prince of Peace. To live-stream the service, go to

Pray for peace

Pray for peace in God’s troubled world.  The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem has prepared “A Litany for Peace in the Holy Land” which can be found here.