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Sign petition to declare Aug 30 Day of the Disappeared

From our colleagues at the SHARE Foundation ...

On August 15, we celebrated the birth of Oscar Arnulfo Romero, a man whose words and example continue to reverberate through El Salvador and the world. During his Sunday morning homilies as archbishop, Monseñor Romero always gave voice to the names of the victims of forced disappearance each week. He spoke constantly for human rights, truth, justice, and love. He supported the COMADRES from the very beginning of their search for their disappeared loved ones. The victims of human rights violations together with the organizations of the Pro-Historical Memory Commission continue to speak and act for justice today. One of the reparations they have called for since the 1990s is to have a day dedicated to the victims of forced disappearance, but they need our help to make it happen.

We invite YOU to take action in memory of Monseñor Romero: Sign a petition to call on the Salvadoran Legislative Assembly to declare August 30 the National Day of the Detained and Disappeared!