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End the government shutdown

This is a moral moment in the United States. The government has been partially shutdown for more than twenty days now. People are not receiving paychecks and essential services. 

A government shutdown is not the way to solve a political disagreement. As more people are hurt by this impasse, the question at the heart of the matter remains unanswered:

What is the just and humane way to secure our borders and treat those fleeing persecution?

It is not with a border wall. Maryknoll missioners are in Washington, D.C. and on the U.S.-Mexico border.  We see three possible solutions to the shutdown but each one could take weeks.

And while we hear in the news about the pain the shutdown is causing people around the country, we see four ways it impacts the very people that the shutdown is about – migrants and refugees. Read our analysis here.

Send a message to your Senators

Click HERE to urge your Senators to support the House legislation and fund the government. Every day the federal government stays closed, hundreds of thousands of people go without pay and vulnerable people in our communities go without essential services.

Thank you.