UPDATE December 22, 2020: Thanks to your raising your voice along with thousands across the United States, Congress passed a stimulus bill on Dec. 21 that includes direct payments for mixed-status families with at least one U.S. citizen parent. As a result, approximately 3.5 million U.S. citizens and their children will receive $600/adult and $600/child. These families left out of the CARES package eligibility will be able to get the money retroactively by filing taxes for FY2020. An estimated $2.1 billion will be injected into local economies through this action.

Because children without U.S. citizen parents are still excluded, we see this as a partial win, but it is a victory nonetheless, and we remain incredibly grateful for your work on this issue. We will continue to advocate for all U.S. citizen children in the new Congress, and we look forward to your valuable contributions. Thank you!

Dec. 15, 2020— There is hope that soon Congress will pass another coronavirus aid package, providing relief to millions of U.S. residents facing serious financial challenges as a result of the pandemic. The previous aid packages have largely excluded immigrants and refugees from receiving benefits, which is deeply unjust given that many immigrants work in healthcare, food services, or other frontline industries at great risk to their own health and that of their families. 

Take action: Urge the Senate to include immigrants and refugees in the upcoming COVID-19 relief package. This action alert was created by our friends from the Justice for Immigrants Campaign at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. 

Immigrants and refugees are our neighbors, friends, colleagues, and trusted essential service providers. They need economic relief during this pandemic. 

Take action to advocate on behalf of immigrants and refugees today. 



Photo: immigration_rally_Chicago by Joseph Voves on Flickr