Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Returned lay missioner Kathy McNeely reflects on responding to God's call to spread the Good News. This reflection was originally published in 2019. 

Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

Maryknoll Sister Jean Fallon was on mission in Japan for many years. “Living and working in a non-Christian milieu is very different from what Missioners might expect, say, in Latin America,” Sister Jean said. “The New Testament, however, brings insights to us all that are ever-new, ever deepening our faith and ever giving life to everyone.”

Each Sunday the Liturgy conveys a theme expressed in each of the readings. Today it seems to be about “keys,” to whom they were entrusted and what they might mean. 

Holy Trinity Sunday

Sr. Teresa Dagdag, on mission in the Philippines, reflects on the Trinity as a model of the gift of relationships and our interconnectedness with all creation.