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Trade as if people and earth matter: A working document on alternatives

Trade as if people and earth matter: A working document on alternatives, prepared by the Interfaith Working Group on Trade and Investment in 2008, seeks to contribute to the emerging dialogue on a new framework for trade that holds the promise of promoting just and sustainable development in the countries and areas where it is most needed. Download the 20-page document in PDF format (available below).

Trade policies and agreements must put people first -- they should further genuine social and economic development for our neighbors around the world while preserving and creating good jobs here at home. They must support – not hinder – governments in adopting policies to protect public health and the natural environment. Trade policies must strike a balance between creating a predictable structure for international trade and preserving the policy space necessary for governments to foster and secure economic, social and human development for all their citizens.

The Interfaith Working Group is a Washington, D.C.-based coalition with representatives from a range of faith-based organizations committed to asserting a strong presence of communities of faith in public policy discussions on international trade and investment.