Fourth Sunday of Lent

Maryknoll Father John Barth reflects on the light of Jesus shining in all corners of the world, even in refugee settlement camps for South Sudanese people.

Third Sunday of Lent

The following reflection was prepared by Maryknoll Sr. Efu Nyaki, who works with women in Brazil.

Second Sunday of Lent

Maryknoll Father Stephen Judd reflects on restoring relationships during the season of Lent.

First Sunday of Lent

Maryknoll Father Dennis Moorman in Brazil reflects on Jesus' call for transformation of our sinful social structures as well as ourselves.

Ash Wednesday

Maryknoll Sister Elizabeth Zwareva welcomes this day to repent of the past and embrace a new transformed life that God ignites within us, and with it, a desire to love and serve others.

Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Maryknoll Father Paul Masson shares a story about a parish in Bolivia that is answering God's call to be a prophetic community.

Third Sunday of Ordinary Time

Maryknoll Father Michael Snyder asks, as followers of Christ, how will we respond to the challenges life, knowing that God resides within us here and now?

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Maryknoll Sister Jareen Aquino applies Jesus' call to the Apostles to "come and see" to the girls and young women in need of education and empowerment in Tanzania. 


Maryknoll Fr. Martin Lowery writes that this week's gospel message is a challenge to walk with life’s uncertainties, trusting that we will be led to the light, led to a new sense of wonder, led to a greater realization of love in our lives.

Solemnity of Mary

Maryknoll Sister Kathleen Reiley looks to Mother of God – the Mother of all of us – to help us reflect on our present reality.