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May-June 2019


Vol. 44, No. 3

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Promoting nonviolence with the Catholic Church — The Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns was an organizer and participant in the second international meeting on nonviolence hosted by Pax Christi International and the Vatican Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development in Rome in April 2019.

Unnecessary trade — A new multimedia project by Local Futures highlights the variety of illogical and unnecessary trade deals that prop up the global economy and harm local environments and small-scale businesses and farmers.

Supreme Court rules World Bank can be sued — A historic Supreme Court decision declares international organizations like the World Bank Group can be sued in U.S. courts.

Climate action in a parish: Let there be solar light — The Diocese of Arlington’s Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish offers its experience of installing solar panels as a template for other churches to follow.

Climate change: Urgency grows at UN — The United Nations is stepping up high-level events to urge member states to take action to address climate change.

UN conference on women takes on gender inequality — Maryknoll Sister Marvie Misolas reports on the 63rd UN conference on women.

Guatemala: My time with a migrant caravan — Sr. Dee Smith, MM, reflects on spending Holy Week with people traveling as a migrant caravan. 

Tanzania turns away private investment in agriculture — Tanzania plans to end the investment program within the SAGCOT initiative, a high-profile public private partnership, due to concerns for smallholder farmers’ land rights and economic security.

A tale of two Sudans — The people of both Sudan and South Sudan are experiencing grave uncertainties about the possibilities of freedom, democracy and peace.

Israel/Palestine: New election, new suffering — The reelection of Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel widens gaps in the path to peace for Israelis and Palestinians.

Resources Easter reflections on the Sustainable Development Goals, new report on the 28 companies producing nuclear weapons, book recommendations about climate change, and much more.

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