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Economy of Right Relationship: An Advent Reflection Guide for a New Economy

We live in a time of great income inequality here in the United States and across the world. But there are signs of hope all around us that we can birth a new vision for our economy that is in right relationship with God’s creation and God’s people.

As we light the Advent candles each week, we hold out for the hope and promise that Jesus’s birth represents. It is a time to reflect on what is possible - even if at first the challenges seem insurmountable.

The Faith Economy Ecology Transformation Working Group developed a four-week Advent series to help individuals, parishes, and religious communities to pray, reflect, and take actions to build towards the kin-dom vision of right relationship. Each week features one of the principles from our statement, A Call to Integrate Faith, Economy, and the Global Economy. Explore with us a paradigm shift in mindset and values, how to support and build resilient communities through our everyday activities, how to develop policies that put the needs of people and the Earth at the center, and that the possibility to rein in corporate power exists. 

Download the PDF of the Advent series below.