As humanity faces the reality of exhausting a number of key natural resources, we realize that our economy, which is fundamentally built on the concept of never-ending exponential growth, must drastically change if we are going to live within the confines of a finite planet, Earth. This series of six articles, written by Dave Kane, looks at ecological economics and the idea of a steady state economy that will provide livelihoods while fitting within the footprint of Earth. The series was published in NewsNotes in 2009 and was updated in 2012.

  • Part one: A new economics for a full world
  • Part two: Uneconomic growth, “illth”
  • Part three: Exponential growth
  • Part four: Distribution of wealth and allocation of resources
  • Part five: Technological progress
  • Part six: Public policy reform possibilities

Read the entire series in the PDF attached below.


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