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Book: Doing good ... Says who?

Doing Good…Says Who?, a book written by Connie Newton and Fran Early, is based on over 400 interviews that put the reader on the ground with volunteers, NGOs, donors, and Guatemalans as cultures intersect. Through story telling, humor, analysis, and practical advice, Newton and Early highlight these five principles for guiding good intentions into shared productive outcome.

  1. Respect and value the people
  2. Build trust through relationships
  3. Do “with” rather than “for”
  4. Ensure feedback and accountability
  5. Evaluate every step of the way

These five guiding principles provide the framework for each chapter. The stories that come from those interviews are designed to give the reader a realistic, on-the-ground, and often messy experience of each principle. The principles are at the heart of guiding good intentions into productive outcomes. While all five are woven throughout, one is a primary focus in each narrative.

Learn more about the book and read the blog here. The book will be published by Two Harbors Press, date to be announced.