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Lenten Reflection Guide 2020

Feb 26, 2020

We invite you to use and share our 2020 Lenten Reflection Guide.

The Lenten Reflection Guide for 2020 focuses on the concept of "ecological conversion," emphasized by Pope Francis in his encyclical Laudato Si'. It offers reflections, prayers, and questions based on the scripture passages for each week of Lent and featuring the experiences of Maryknoll Missioners. 

Click here to find the guide. 

Global Days of Action on Military Spending

Apr 10, 2020


The Global Days of Action on Military Spending are observed by groups around the world that are opposed to the bloated military budgets of their countries. 

More information on the campaign can be found here. 

Please check back for more details on how these days will be observed in DC. The website above includes information on events related to the campaign going on in other cities in the U.S. and around the world. 

Ecumenical Advocacy Days 2020

Apr 24, 2020
Washington, D.C.

Please consider registering for Ecumenical Advocacy Days 2020, held in Washington D.C. April 24-27. This is an important gathering of Christians from around the country to learn about issues of social justice and join together to advocate on Capitol Hill. 

This year's theme is, "Imagine! God's earth and people restored." It will focus on the intersection of climate change and economic justice. 

Please see the website for more information and registration details. 


Economy of Francesco

Nov 19, 2020
Assisi, Italy

***POSTPONED until November 19-21, 2020***

Pope Francis has invited “young economists and entrepreneurs” from around the world to Assisi, Italy March 26-28 for the “Economy of Francesco,” a gathering to envision an inclusive, sustainable economy that brings “life not death.” 

He has issued an invitation letter for the conference, which can be found here.