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Today let me live in peace

January 1 is the World Day of Prayer for Peace. Join us in prayer to live in Peace, to be Peace.

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Prayer for Peace

Today let me live in peace with my God,
my dear neighbor and myself.
Let me bring peace to my patch of Earth.
Let me believe that world peace is possible,
because with God all things are possible.
Let me remember that HOPE is a vital gift I can give to our world.

Today I will not be part to pessimism – nor join the indifferent.
I will be full of joy, because God loves us and is with us. I will share this Joy with those who grieve. I will laugh with the children, the simple, the spontaneous.
I will remember that joy is always up to me – as an individual and as a member of the community.

Today I will love my enemies – even those who perpetrate pain, terror, death – and those who show inhuman disregard for my brothers and sisters.
I will disarm my own self of rage, extending my hands and help and forgiveness.

Eternal Mystery: Place your Holy Peace deep within my inner spirit. Calm feelings of uncertainty, insecurities. Give me courage to stand with the Peacemakers of history, and wisdom to know the true path. In your name, Divine Essence, I breathe a prayer of peace over the world – to create its future.

–Author unknown