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Special Update Middle East Notes,May 31, 2018

Dome of the Rock of Jerusalem

SPECIAL UPDATES will be available weekly as needed. This update concerns the Gaza Fence protests between the Palestinians of Gaza and the Israeli Defense Forces. Please note: Opinions expressed in the following articles do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns.

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1)    Live Updates: Israel Pounds Gaza as Second Rocket Barrage Launched, Haaretz, May 29, 2018
“Israel carries out 30 strikes on Gaza, including attack tunnel. IDF says some Gaza rockets are Iranian-made. Army: More than 25 rockets intercepted. IDF calls incident worst since 2014 Gaza war.” …

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U.S. hopes to unveil breakthrough in Gaza cease-fire alongside Israeli-Palestinian peace plan
Looking back, Gaza pullout was a mistake

2)    Gaza's protest leaders still believe in nonviolent struggle,  Rami Younis, 972Mag, May 25, 2018
“Despite the bloodletting in Gaza over the past months, the leaders of the Great Return March believe that nonviolent resistance is still the best way to end the siege.” …

3)    In Gaza, border opening brings relief and anxiety, Associated Press, May 25, 2018 
“Egypt has opened the Rafah Crossing for the duration of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, temporarily easing a border blockade of Gaza that it has enforced, along with Israel, for the past 11 years.” …
4)    More Palestinians Will Die Unless Gaza Becomes Livable, Rep. Keith Ellison and Carol Hutner Winograd, Haaretz, May 25, 2018
“Open Gaza to weaken Hamas. Lift the blockade, properly fund UNRWA, rehabilitate Gaza's infrastructure - these are the only ways we can prevent the desperation of protestors willing to lose their lives.” …

5)    That Roaring Sound? It’s Palestine Unleashing a Legal Tsunami Against Israeli War Crimes, Victor Kattan, Haaretz,  May 25, 2018
“Palestine is determined to bring the full weight of international law down on Israel. And it’s starting now.” …
See also: Palestinians ask International Criminal Court to investigate Israel's 'grave crimes'
Israelis could face trial in The Hague if Palestinian statehood recognized at UN, experts warn 

6)    The truth about Gaza, Daoud Kuttab, Al-Monitor, May 23, 2018
“Misleading and untrue information about the recent demonstrations and violence on the Gaza border have concealed the fact that the Great Return March was planned and conducted as a nonviolent protest by the Palestinians.” … 

7)    There is a way to solve the Gaza crisis, Ron Ben-Yishai, Ynetnews, May 21, 2018
“An arrangement led by Egypt and supervised by UN and Arab League inspectors, which would lead to the creation of a joint PA-Hamas civil government, would serve all parties and gradually dismantle the explosive conflict—even without forcing Hamas to disarm completely. While this solution may be far from ideal for Israel, the chance is worth the risk.” …