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Special Update, Middle East Notes, June 21, 2018

Dome of the Rock of Jerusalem

SPECIAL UPDATES will be available weekly as needed. This update will be the last in a series concerning the Gaza Fence/Great March protests between the Palestinians of Gaza and the Israeli Defense Forces. Please note: Opinions expressed in the following articles do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns.

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1)    UN Condemns Israel's 'Excessive Use of Force' in Gaza, Rejects Amendment Denouncing Hamas, Amir Tibon, Haaretz and Reuters, June 14, 2018 
“The UN General Assembly passed a resolution Wednesday night condemning Israel for excessive use of force against Palestinian civilians and proposing forming an international protection mechanism in Gaza. The resolution is not expected to lead to action against Israel since any attempt to bring such a decision to the Security Council is expected to be met with a U.S. veto.” …

2)    Gaza Protest Turnout Lowest Ever as Dozens Demonstrate on the Border, Yaniv Kubovich & Jack Khoury, Haaretz,  June 15, 2018 
“Dozens of Palestinian demonstrators arrived on Friday (June 15) to the Israel-Gaza border in what was the lowest protest turnout since the start of the border protests on March 30.” …

3)    Why Israel’s 11-year closure didn’t topple Hamas, Shlomi Eldar, Al-Monitor, June 13, 2018
“It took Israel a decade to realize that its closure policy won’t topple the Hamas regime. June 15 will mark the 11th anniversary of Israel’s land, sea and air blockade of the Gaza Strip, imposed after Hamas took power there in 2007. On June 10, the Israeli Security Cabinet conducted its first-ever discussion of a possible accommodation with Hamas.” …

4)    Debunking Myths About the Palestinian Protests, Muhammad Shehada & Jamie Stern-Weiner, Vice Media, June 12 2018
“The justifications given for the deaths of Palestinian protesters just don't add up. Over the past ten weeks, tens of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza have participated in the "March of Return", mass nonviolent demonstrations to protest Israel's illegal siege. Throughout, Israel has responded with violent force.” …

“Here are some of the most prominent myths about these recent protests, and why they're not true.
a) The Demonstrations In Gaza Are Violent
b) Hamas Manipulated Demonstrators Into Rushing The Perimeter Fence
c) It's Ok To Target Demonstrators Because They're Organised By Hamas
d) Israel Can't Allow Hamas To Govern Because Hamas Wants To Destroy Israel” …

5)    Israel: Apparent War Crimes in Gaza, Human Rights Watch, June 13, 2018
“Israeli forces’ repeated use of lethal force in the Gaza Strip since March 30, 2018, against Palestinian demonstrators who posed no imminent threat to life may amount to war crimes, Human Rights Watch said today.” …