Pax Christi USA has invited all its members to pray the following prayer on August 6 and 9 to mark the 76th anniversaries of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

Prayer for Disarmament

O God of life,

Hear our prayers and petitions for peace,

in these times of chaos and fear.

You, who have endowed us with the capacity

for love, compassion and generosity,

lead us toward global harmony and nonviolence,

away from the false security of war, violence

and nuclear weapons,

away from the holocaust of the human race and

massive global destruction.


Through your eternal grace

inspire our voices to call for the dismantling of

nuclear factories and bombs of death,

inspire our hearts with the desire and intention for 

global nuclear disarmament,

and transform our spirits into peacemakers of Christ,

for "Blessed are the peacemakers."