“It’s apartheid, say Israeli ambassadors to South Africa” https://bit.ly/3gQL2Li

Ilan Baruch and Alon Liel, who both served as Israel’s ambassador to South Africa, write in Ground Up on June 8, on the occasion of the fifty-fifth year since the occupation of the West Bank began, that “It is time for the world to recognize that what we saw in South Africa decades ago is happening in the occupied Palestinian territories too. And just as the world joined the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, it is time for the world to take decisive diplomatic action.”

“'We have failed': Journalists unite and demand truthful coverage of Israeli occupation” https://bit.ly/3wTlbYF

The Middle East Eye reports on June 9 that 250 journalists working for some of the world's top media outlets, including The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times, signed an open letter calling on the news industry to stop "obscuring Israeli occupation and the systemic oppression of Palestinians" in the media. 

“The Nakba is Now” https://bit.ly/3xQoO1S

Saree Makdisi writes in The Nation on May 17 that, “with the explosion of Israeli violence this last week, Palestinians are experiencing a level of terror that is both new and painfully reminiscent of the terror of 1948.”

“Israel’s likely new government, explained”  https://bit.ly/3wZKLvu

Haggai Matar writes in 972 Magazine on June 1 that “Netanyahu may be heading out, but his former allies and right-wing policies are still very much in.”