The "Economy of Francesco" is a gathering of "young economists and entreprenuers" in Assisi, Italy in March, 2020 to envision a more just and sustainable economy. The gathering was initiated by Pope Francis. The following is a list of resources for those interested in getting involved and learning more about this gathering. 


Read Pope Francis's invitation letter for the gathering. 

Check out the official website for the gathering. 

Watch a recording of a video conference in which U.S.-based participants and leaders discuss and prepare for the Assisi gathering.  

Watch a video of a preparatory meeting for the gathering with Jeffrey Sachs, a leading economist presenting at the gathering. 

Join a Facebook page to discuss the gathering. 

Join the Slack group for the U.S. contingent preparing for the gathering. Slack is a collaborative online work space. 

Join a 20 minute, daily prayer group via video conference to pray for the success of the gathering. Email to join.