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Third Thursday: Oppose the Trump administration's "peace plan" for Israel/Palestine

Organizations in the Faith Forum on Middle East Policy send out action alerts monthly, focusing on different issues so that members of Congress hear consistently that their constituents support a just and lasting resolution to the Palestinian and Israeli conflict.  

The Trump administration has released its “plan” for the future of Palestine and Israel—a document that cannot truly be called a “peace plan.” In releasing this plan, the U.S. government has demonstrated support for Israeli control over all of Jerusalem, Israeli sovereignty over Israeli settlements in the West Bank, the Israeli annexation of the Jordan Valley, and the continued isolation of Gaza.  

Following the release of this plan, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu announced his intention to annex the Jordan Valley and areas of the West Bank, a move which would formalize the fragmentation of the occupied Palestinian territory and foreclose the possibility of forming a viable Palestinian state. This is a plan for sustained injustice and must be treated as such.  

Take action today: Urge Congress to hold oppose this plan and any efforts to move forward with it, including efforts to annex settlements and the Jordan Valley.  

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