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Tell Congress: Provide Emergency International Aid in Upcoming COVID-19 Package

News reports indicate that the Senate plans to release an additional coronavirus relief package. Among the urgent priorities for this relief package is the provision of emergency international aid for countries struggling to manage the coronavirus. Read our article in NewsNotes about how experts are calling for the U.S. to provide a minimum of $12 billion in emergency aid, among other key measures.

Tell Congress today: Provide emergency international assistance in the next relief bill to protect our vulnerable neighbors and to promote global resilience from this crisis. 

While the United States continues to manage the crisis at home, it is critical that we support impoverished countries which do not have the means to control this virus in addition to their existing crises of crushing debt, food insecurity, and inadequate health infrastructure. UN reports indicate that 265 million more people could face starvation by the end of the year without international support. Global coronavirus cases could skyrocket, putting us all at greater risk. 

Contact Congress today. U.S. support for the global coronavirus relief effort is essential; without it, the global crisis will spiral out of control.