Under the leadership of Secretary John Kerry, the U.S. State Department is working with Israeli and Palestinian officials to develop a framework agreement for peace within the nine-month period set for negotiations that ends in April.

Days after Secretary Kerry’s latest visit to the region, Israel’s Housing Ministry issued tenders for more than 1,800 housing units in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. And according to the Israeli peace advocacy group Peace Now, Israel has issued tenders for 5,349 units east of the 1967 borders since the negotiations started.

Settlement construction anywhere in the occupied Palestinian territories undermines the prospects for peace, and in East Jerusalem, in particular, changing the facts on the ground while negotiations have not yet resolved the status of Jerusalem – which both peoples look to as their capital – only serves to erode confidence in the peace process.

Tell your members of Congress that you want them to support Secretary Kerry’s efforts by holding Israel accountable for its actions during this important time of negotiations. Ask them to call for a complete halt to all settlement activity in support of just and lasting peace for Israelis and Palestinians.

There are now more than 500,000 Israeli settlers living the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Continued settlement expansion is harming prospects for a peaceful resolution.

Use this link to contact your senators and representative and ask them to demand a halt to all settlement activity now.