The Trump Administration has recently proposed a new rule that would raise the application fees for asylum and U.S. citizenship. A sharp increase in the cost of applying for legal immigration status would make it impossible for many people to apply, putting them at risk of deportation and harm. 

Take Action: Submit a public comment to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) opposing this rule. 

Under the new rule, the fee for an asylum application would increase from zero to $50 – a cost far too steep for many people fleeing poverty and violence. The fee to apply for naturalization would increase from $640 to $1170, making citizenship out of reach for many families. These fees are unjust, targeting individuals who are already vulnerable. USCIS is accepting public comments on the new rule until December 30th. Public comment campaigns have been effective in the past in prompting the government to rescind proposed rules before they are put into effect.  

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