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World AIDS Day is held on December 1 each year around the world. It is an opportunity to raise awareness, commemorate those who have died, and celebrate victories such as increased access to treatment and prevention service.

Learn more about HIV/AIDS and World AIDS Day. 

People living with HIV and AIDS are especially vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic. HIV and AIDS are thought to increase the risk of serious illness due to COVID-19. In addition, the lockdowns to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have disrupted the availability of live-saving HIV/AIDS medications in many countries.

Join the 24-hour prayer vigil: Pray for those living with HIV and AIDS and for those whose lives were cut short due to HIV or AIDS. The vigil will begin at 12 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (U.S.) on Thursday, December 1. 

Pray with and share the Maryknoll AIDS Task Force prayer

Prayer Vigil Schedule

Name City Country Comment
Joseph Healey Nairobi Kenya African proverbs and sayings on HIV/AIDS can be found on the: African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories Website (including the “African Stories Database”) African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories Facebook Page
SUSAN Nagele Urbana United States
Name City Country Comment
Anonymous Highland, NY
Name City Country Comment
Itae Herrera Washington USA Praying for the staff of Choose Life Home Based Care working for people living with HIV/AIDS and all my friends in Moroto living with HIV/AIDS specially the children affected or infected.
Margaret Meyer Somerville USA I pray for all those who have died form Aids and all those grieving for them.
Name City Country Comment
Sue Unger Cornelius United States I pray for all those affected by AIDS and their families. I will ask God to heal and help all those that are seeking help to heal their minds and their bodies and for their medical teams.
Name City Country Comment
Charlotte Cook SILVER SPRING United States
Anonymous La Crosse United States
Name City Country Comment
Isaac Evans-Frantz Brattleboro, Vermont (USA) United States As I lead members of The Riverside Church in the City of New York this morning, we will pray for our siblings around the world living with HIV. I offer a prayer that all God's children may receive the care, support, and love they need.
KItty Madden Matagalpa Nicaragua My gratitude to those who have organized this Vigil on behalf of our sisters and brothers living with Aids and HIV. As a Maryknoll Affiliate living and working in the northern highlands of Nicaragua since 1985, I am deeply aware of the importance of accompaniment.
John Sivalon Scranton USA
Name City Country Comment
Dorothy Dwight, BVM Chicago USA
Anonymous Waldwick USA
Name City Country Comment
Mary Lee Cox, OSF Dubuque United States
Name City Country Comment
Sister Dominica Lo Bianco Aston USA In honor of friends in Roswell, NM, and at home, Vinnie.
Name City Country Comment
Anonymous Denton Usa
cynthia pittman denton United States
Name City Country Comment
Linda Hajek Dallas Usa
Brian McLauchlin Epworth USA In memory of all my friends who have died of AIDS.
Patricia Ridgley Dallas United States
Name City Country Comment
Aline Antil Tampa United States
Patricia Ferrick Woodhaven USA
Name City Country Comment
Ray Hardwick Corona United States
Veronica Schweyen Croton on hudson United States
Name City Country Comment
Peggy Liquori Fishkill United States It is a terrible disease, and if there are means to combat this disease, they should be explored and available to all.
Anonymous El Paso United States Thanks for organizing the Vigil Prayer for HIV & Aids patients and caregivers.
Name City Country Comment
Patricia Always Sun City United States For all those struggling with this disease and very little help or support.
Name City Country Comment
Sr Peg M Donovan, M.M. Maryknoll United States As a Maryknoll Missioner working in Tanzania East Africa for over 40 years, I was on deck when the HIV/AIDS epedimic hit our country of Tanzania. Since I was living in a village with no medical facility at the time, we took it upon ourselves to carry out an education program in all the vilages of out parish (about 50) The interest was keen and people began to understand the importance of prevention. A number of people sick with AIDS would return to the village to be cared for by their families. We were able to assist with dietary suggestions, cleanliness, use of materilas found int he village and prevention of infection. At this time there was little or no assistance formthe govenrment such as rubber gloves, soap, food, medicine etc. We used plastic bags amd made them into gloves, we had soya flour for porridge, and paypaya for use on sores. There were many deaths and the worst was when little children died from AIDS, this was so sad and heart breaking. I could go on and on, but I thank God that there is now hope and there are medicines. However I strongly feel that prevention is the best medicine!
Name City Country Comment
Maureen Murphy SC Rego Park United States Thank you for offering this opportunity. Blessings to those for whom we pray and for those who are praying.
Name City Country Comment
Susan Gunn Washington, DC USA In memory and honor of the life of my friend Tony.