Tell Congress to renew PEPFAR, the program for international aid to eradicate HIV/AIDS.

The US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, PEPFAR, was first passed into law in 2003, twenty years ago. Since then, it has helped turn the tide in the global fight against AIDS, reaching deep into marginalized communities around the world, saving 25 million lives and and resulting in 5.5 million babies being born HIV-free. Currently, it provides over 7 million people around the world with life-saving HIV treatment.

PEPFAR not only saves lives, it gives women, children, and families the opportunity to thrive.

Congress must renew this program by the end of Fiscal Year 2023, for another five years, in order for PEPFAR to continue its transformative work. We covered the process of the program's renewal in the March-April edition of NewsNotes this year.

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