Sign a letter from Pax Christi International to Pope Francis thanking him for his leadership during this time of crisis. 

In this time of crisis that coincides with the 5th anniversary year of Pope Francis's Laudato Si', Pax Christi International is inviting Catholics and all people of good will to sign on to a letter thanking Pope Francis for his leadership and inviting him to promote an ethic of nonviolence as part of a way forward toward a just recovery from the pandemic. 

Click here to sign on to the letter. All are welcome to sign; Catholic religious communities, organizations, educational institutions, and individuals especially are warmly invited. The letter is also available in other languages.

Pope Francis has responded to the health crisis and economic crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic by commissioning a COVID-19 recovery taskforce in the Vatican, calling for a global ceasefire and debt relief for impoverished countries, and leading Catholics in global prayer. He has worked to develop a vision for a just recovery from the pandemic, one that prioritizes healing long-standing social problems through promoting human dignity and ecological sustainability. We now wish to invite him to name the importance of nonviolence for bringing this vision to fruition. 

Click here to learn more about this initiative from Pax Christi and to sign on to the letter.