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Crosses / California border

Maryknoll missioners have worked with migrants and people on the move for decades. They have served Burmese refugees in Thailand, Thai workers all over Asia, Burundian and Rwandan refugees in East Africa, and have accompanied Guatemalans, who, after years in Mexico, returned home to start anew in a more peaceful country. Our faith compels us to stand in solidarity with migrants.

Here in the United States, we are profoundly affected by the contribution of migrants in our society, and we have a responsibility to treat them, like all the rest of God’s creation, with dignity and respect.

National call-in day for humane immigration reform

Jan 22, 2013


Mark your calendars!

Tuesday, January 22: National faith call-in day for humane immigration reform

[From the Interfaith Immigration Coalition:] We’ve been praying and working for immigration reform, and now is our chance to make it a reality. On Tuesday, January 22, let’s welcome the new Congress by making sure they know that people of faith demand humane immigration reform in 2013.


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