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Alternatives to violence

Vigil for Sudan

Sep 30, 2012
Lafayette Park, Washington, D.C.

Throughout these tumultuous times in Sudan, the Sudanese people have been murdered, oppressed and silenced for too long. Having been crippled by state violence for years, we join together to commemorate the souls of those who lost their lives and fight for peace and life with dignity for those who remain suffering. We will not stop until there is peace in every region of Sudan.

Oscar Arias

Central America: The Esquipulas legacy

This August marked the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Esquipulas Accords that catalyzed the end to war in Central America. As they celebrate this historic event, Central American countries look to that legacy to find solutions to current issues of security, development and stability in the region. This article is from the September-October 2012 issue of NewsNotes.


Arms Trade Treaty: Delay in negotiations

Between July 2 and 27, the world’s nation-states met at the UN headquarters in New York to negotiate an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) to regulate the multibillion dollar international trade in conventional arms. Throughout the month most parties supported a new treaty to cover all conventional arms including ammunition, but in the final hours of negotiations, consensus was procedurally blocked by countries that asked for more time - including the U.S., Russia, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. The following article was published in the September-October 2012 NewsNotes.


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