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Middle East Notes

Middle East Notes, November 14, 2013

This week’s Middle East Notes presents articles on the peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians, continued settlement construction, the region’s invisible Christians, control of the Jordan Valley, the “de-development” strategy of the Israeli government towards the Palestinians, Secretary Kerry’s public criticism of Israel’s settlement activities, and other issues.

Middle East Notes .......... October 3, 2013

This week’s Middle East Notes contains articles on the continuing peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, comments on Ian Lustick’s New York Times article, the impossibility of a “Jewish State,” implications of the reality that it seems that Jews are now a minority in Israel and the Occupied Territories combined, failure of the Oslo Accords, Israel’s relationship to Syria’s civil war, and more.

Middle East Notes September 5, 2013

This week’s Middle East Notes contains articles concerning the continuing Israeli/Palestinian peace negotiations, the hope and possibility of a two or more nation federation, the isolation and unawareness of U.S. Jews to the suffering of the Palestinians, opposition to U.S. military intervention in Syria, Pope Francis’ plea for peace among nations through encounter and dialog, and other issues.


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