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Lake Coatepeque, El Salvador

El Salvador: A rare win against mining company

The government of El Salvador recently won a long-running legal battle when an international trade tribunal ruled that it did not have to pay compensation to a mining company that was denied a permit to drill for gold. El Salvador declared a moratorium on mining concessions in 2009, in an attempt to protect its water supply from being pollution, despite having previously signed international trade agreements.

Chloe Schwabe and Yolanda Flores at #NoDAPL protest

Trade: Indigenous peoples say “Water is life”

Maryknoll Sister Patricia Ryan and members of the indigenous community where she works in Peru came to Washington, D.C. in September to pursue legal efforts to stop a mining company from polluting their sacred land and water. At the same time, Native American Sioux Indians from Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota were leading demonstrations in front of the White House with a very similar goal.

CommonBound Network Gathering

Jul 8, 2016
Buffalo, New York

Join people of faith in seeking strategies for creating an inclusive economy, in Buffalo, New York, July 8–10.

Hear from people of faith who are building the “inclusive economy” that Pope Francis and other faith leaders are calling us to embrace. Learn why this is a multi-faith movement. Share your strategies for creative change from worker-owned co-ops, local food systems, alternative currencies, affordable housing, small-scale, community-driven energy and more.

Register for one day or more; fee based on sliding-scale.


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