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Urge the Senate to Include Foreign Assistance in the Upcoming COVID-19 Relief Package

This week, as the Senate continues its debates over an additional COVID-19 relief package, it is essential that we call on our Senators to include life-saving foreign assistance funding in the package. Watch a video reflection from our director, Susan Gunn, on why we need to raise our voices now on behalf of our vulnerable brothers and sisters around the world.

Click here to take action: Urge the Senate to include life-saving foreign assistance in the package.

As the global economic recession continues to deepen, developing countries around the world are in critical need of support to manage the COVID-19 health crisis, which compounds existing crises of crushing debt, hunger, and a changing climate. United States leadership is sorely needed for a global response to COVID-19.

The signs are clear: unless the virus is contained everywhere, no place in the world is safe. The deepening crisis is translating into acute suffering for the world’s poorest. The UN estimates that an additional 265 million people will face starvation by the end of the year without the intervention of the global community. To learn more, read our letter to U.S. Senate offices urging them to take action for a global COVID-19 response. 

Take action today: Urge the Senate to prioritize a robust international response to the COVID-19 crisis in the upcoming package.